Q: My light at my carport or my entryway is out. What should I do?

A: When  there are any matters dealing with common space issues you should contact management and they will have the lightbulbs replaced.

Q: Can I change any plants or update the landscape around my unit?

A: All of the landscape is considered common shared space. You should not alter or do any gardening in the common space, we have hired landscapers that do this and anything you do may be contrary to their over plan.


You may request items be planted by filling out the landscaping application. You can also ask to have items trimmed or alert the management of any items you think need to be looked at.


Plants in pots and containers are allowed on your patio area. Please use saucers and pot stands under large pots so they do not sit on the concrete patio slabs and cause mildew or discoloration.


Also, if you are in a top unit please do not sweep debris and dirt off your patio, as it becomes a problem for your neighbor below. Please seep any debris and plant clippings  or leaves into a paper bag and place them in the nearest compost bin.