Home Issues

Water / Plumbing Issue
If this is a flood or leak that is causing immediate damage, call a plumber. Above All Plumbing is our vendor and can be reached at (510) 475-6040 - if it is after hours make sure it's something that cannot wait - there is a large fee for night and weekend service. Ask neighbors to turn off any water if it is a drain backup to stop flooding.
If this is an issue that isn't an emergency, call Management and they can schedule someone to come out and make a visit and help solve the problem.
See our Drain Care page for information on how to help avoid plumbing issues.
Gas Leak
If you smell gas or have a gas line leak, turn off the gas from the outside of the unit and call PG&E. Alert neighbors that you smell gas and air out any rooms that may have had gas in them.
Alert PG&E