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Break-Ins at Emery Bay Village


In September of 2018 there were 2 break-ins and one attempted that was thwarted by a home owner.


The burglar entered the unit by smashing their sliding glass doors. This is a very disturbing crime but the individual was apprehended.                                          



The HOA is reviewing security measures and other procedures to ensure we can make this as safe a community as possible.


A Board member talked to the police directly after the incident and the officers informed us that residents should NOT use 911 from a cell phone, as it goes to CHP and not the local Emeryville Police.  They recommended calling their 24-hour phone number, 510-596-3700, and tell the dispatcher that it is an emergency. Calling 911 can delay response to a crime that is in progress.


Everyone should have this phone number in their cell phone and use it to contact the police whenever they have any concerns.


Officers gave some other guidelines to help deter possible future burglaries:


  • Window coverings and curtains: Closing blinds or curtains can prevent burgers from seeing into your unit. If they can see in, they can spot any valuables, like computers or electronics. Especially close them during nighttime.

  • Porch lighting: Leaving outside lighting on can help deter criminals. If more units keep their lights on there are fewer areas of darkness that may provide criminals with a place to hide.

  • Know your neighbors: Keep in contact with neighbors and get to know others in the community so you are able to spot individuals that may not belong in the area.


Other good security tips:


  • Install window alarm and vibration sensors to sliding glass doors and windows that will sound a loud alarm if someone attempts or does break the glass - a loud alarm helps. These are available on Amazon and hardware stores and simply stick to the glass.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Do not attempt to interact with anyone who is suspicious, even if they are committing a crime right in front of you, this can be extremely dangerous.

  • Lock all vehicle doors at all times and do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle.

  • Lock all doors and windows when leaving your home and when you go to sleep at night and put any valuables out of sight of windows.

  • The most important thing you can do is call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity or noises. You are not “bothering" the police, they want you to call if you have any concerns so they can patrol the property and help avoid any criminal activity.


Some homeowners have inquired about getting a video doorbell. You need to get approval for installing any exterior security devices by filling out the Architectural Guidelines Application. Once you have returned this form to Michelle New at Walsh Property management. The board will quickly review the application and then give you instructions where you are allowed to install these type of devices so you do not damage the siding or other exterior building surfaces.


Also, be sure to inform the homeowner association management if a crime or incident has occurred since it is the only way we can learn about issues and act on them. 

You are the eyes of our community and everyone can help make us safer and secure.