One of our common interests at EBV is all of the beautiful trees and plants that give our property a very unique and serene atmosphere. Over the many years, there has been extensive work to develop and nurture many of the beautiful landscaping elements that you see every day as you travel through our property. 


The landscape committee along with the HOA Board is committed to keeping Emery Bay Village as green as possible, but it comes with many challenges. You can help by making sure you respect our plantings and getting involved by joining the landscaping committee and helping guide the future of the property. 



As a homeowner, you are not allowed to add or remove any plants or trees in the common area. We depend on our landscaping company and they have a predetermined plan. Please do not attempt to fertilize or plant any grass seed in the common area. You may be adding more to enrichments that are already being used and could do more harm than good.



If you would like to explore any possible changes to the plants around your unit, you may fill out the Landscaping Application form.


You are also allowed to have pots and planters on your patio but please use these with care and have risers for pots and saucers so the pots do not cause mold or discoloration of the concrete slabs. We also ask that if you are in an upstairs unit that you do not sweep and dirt or debris off your balcony as this will land on your neighbor below and then cause them to clean up your mess. Please put sweepings into a paper bag and dispose of it the trash or compost bins.


If you have any questions or see things that need to be fixed or repaired please contact Management and they will get someone out to look at the issue.